Yes, you read right folks! I completed the 2010 United Way CN Tower climb in 23:59mins, 6mins and 1 second faster than the average person!! YAY!

Granted, it may not be the most amazing number in the world, but I am damn proud of it! Especially given that I didn't stop climbing ONCE! Most people had to stop several times, or grab the hand rail, but I just kept on pushing.

It was mentally taxing, physically tiring, but an awesome experience!

Next year, I'm going to be in top notch shape and I WILL do even BETTER!
10/25/2010 03:29:08 pm

How cool! And that sounds like an awesome time to me; it has to be so grueling. And trust me, when we have fire drills at work, people complain about walking DOWN 30 flights, so rest assured that you kicked ass, because most people would not even CONSIDER doing such a thing, haha.

I would love to do something like that, in fact I've thought about doing one in Boston in the past. Unfortunately my ongoing knee issue means that probably won't happen anytime soon, boo :-(. Oh well, at least I can still do pretty much everything else but walk up a ton of stairs, so I can't really complain!

10/30/2010 12:57:43 pm

Well done!! Your efforts have paid off!! Keep it going and take care! You have strength, both mentally and physically!!


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