Imagine if there was a magic potion that could speed up your metabolism, melt stubborn fat, re-energize your body and revitalize your joints and organs. And, what if it could also make you look younger, detoxify your body, reduce your risk of certain cancers and improve your digestion – all for free!?  

Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I think it’s safe to say that everybody would be chugging back liters of it everyday in order to reap its benefits! Right?


This so called ‘magic potion’ is not a figment of my imagination – it’s water! 

Yes, I know. At this point in your life I’m sure you’ve heard the unconvincing suggestion to “drink 6-8 glasses a day”, but has it really changed your habits? Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say “I drink the recommended water intake everyday!” – I know I couldn’t. 

4 months ago, not only was I 22lbs heavier…but I was 7% less hydrated!! Yep, that’s right…7%!!! And to think, I was missing out on so many sweet benefits. 

Now, I’m not writing this to convince you to up your H20 intake, because in the end, it’s your choice. But, I will tell you that since I increased my water intake 4 months ago I’m:

·          Feeling less tired
·          No longer affected by severely dry/itchy skin
·          Going to the washroom more! (Yes, it really does help digestion!)
·          Looking less puffy! (it’s amazing how it can shed water weight). And,
·          Losing weight faster!

Not to mention, I’ve made that whooping 7% jump in hydration!  

So, if you haven’t already, think about chugging back a few extra glasses of aqua today, and if you need some help, here are some tips I’ve compiled on how I ensure my body stays hydrated:

·          Crystal Light! If you haven’t tried it, I certainly suggest it – my favorite flavor is
        Lemon Lime! It makes water taste incredible! Just be sure to include them in your
        calorie tracking, and try not to overdo it
J I like to dilute mine with lots of water.
·          Add fruits or veggies to your water! Cucumber in water is delicious, as are lemons,
        limes, strawberries and oranges etc.

·          Wear a ring to monitor your hydration. This is how I know when I need more; all I do
        is tug on the ring and if it doesn’t slide off easily…I need
dihydrogen monoxide!
·          Buy yourself a fancy shmancy bottle (lululemon is awesome!). Not only is it
        convenient, but it will make drinking your water super cool!

·          Keep a sticky note beside your computer at work and tally up how many cups you’ve
        accomplished so far! (You may not think of it as a goal…but it is!)

Sometimes, in order to stay focused I like to do crunches! Nope, I’m not talking about abdominal crunches…I’m talking about number crunches! Here is what I mean:

Today, just for fun, I decided to figure out how many days I’ve been ‘melting’ for. Can you believe that on Saturday May 15th, I will have been training and eating clean for 121 days?  

Let’s put that into perspective, that’s:
·          4 months
·          17.2 weeks
·          2904 hours
·          174,270 minutes

And in that time frame, I have managed to lose 20lbs (hopefully more by Saturday – but I’ll let you know)!

That’s equivalent to:
·          5lbs/month
·          1.2lbs/week
·          0.0068lbs/hour
·          0.00011lbs/minute 

So, in theory, if I keep losing at this rate I will have lost another 20lbs by September 12th!!! Wow, 8 months and a 40 lb loss…that would be incredible! Who knew I would find a use for math! (That I’m actually finding quite fun!) 

Now, let’s say I managed to bump that 1.2lb/week loss to 2lb/week (still a healthy rate to lose). That means, by September 12th, I will have lost 34lbs! Wow. That would make me 131lbs (a 54lb loss in total). J

It’s so fun to look ahead at these kinds of things. It helps keep me focused and it helps me set new goals for myself – like aiming for a 2lb loss per week! If I can do that, it will only take me 10 weeks to drop 20lbs, which means I will weight 145lbs by July 24th. Sweet.

So, why am I doing this? 

Well first of all, it’s kind of like giving yourself a HUGE pat on the back. Seeing how far you’ve come, and comparing it to different timeframes, really does change your outlook on the whole process.  

Second of all – like I said above, it helps me set realistic goals that I know I can achieve. And that’s important when you are on a long journey to health, happiness and, oh yeah – sexy abs! 

Give it a try!
Aside from clothes fitting better (actually, now they are too loose!) and my self confidence rising, I had no idea that there were so many amazing benefits to losing weight! I mean, people can tell you – “you will feel great, it is so worth it”, but you have no idea how great it feels until you actually start doing it!

Take yesterday for instance, I was sitting in my boring little cubicle – where I am sheltered from any human interaction – when I heard a knock on my ‘door’ (no door, just a cubicle wall L). To my surprise, it was one of the guys on my team. He said to me:

“Kristen, I wanted to let you know that you have become my inspiration. I have decided to start working out and getting healthy.”

I was stunned! Me, an inspiration? And thus I began my thinking…

I realized, right then and there, that weight loss isn’t just about losing pounds and inches. It’s about changing your entire life! And while your body is losing weight, your life is gaining wealth. 

So, with that said, here is a little list I compiled of the 10 unexpected joys of weight loss that I have ‘bumped’ into. 

Yes, some of them may be small things – but DAMN, they have changed my life so far!

  1. I have become an inspiration to others
  2. I have gained vigor – the “I can do anything now!” mentality.
  3. I can step off an elevator quickly without feeling like other passengers notice a shift in the weight
  4. I can make healthy foods taste incredible! (you have to learn how to make it work for you J)
  5. My thighs don’t touch anymore! (Ok, well still a little – but there is light shining through!) 
  6. I can pick any article of clothing in my wardrobe to wear and not feel fat in it!  
  7. I can see my veins! (Ok, maybe not cool for some people – but awesome to me!)
  8. I am much lighter than my boyfriend! (I was truly a self esteem killer when we weighed the same)
  9. I can run for longer than 30mins straight on the treadmill! (5 used to kill me – lol!)
  10. I can look in the mirror and love every part of myself, knowing that I have the control to manipulate my body into whatever I want it to be.  
Sorry, but this is more of a celebratory posting for me to boast about my accomplishments thus far – lol! Last week I officially hit my 20lb loss! Wow.

I can’t tell you how great if feels to look at my numbers and think back to when I was 185lbs – just 15lbs away from weighing 200lbs! Frightening…

Now, I am beaming when I look at the scale and see that I am shrinking as each day goes by.  

For anybody out there that is questioning/contemplating their own transformation – do it! Yes it takes time, yes it takes effort, and YES you do miss out on some foods…but who the heck cares! You could be 20lbs lighter too!

So here I go…15lbs more till my goal weight and 13.8%bf more to lose – wish me luck!

And stay tuned for my updated pictures.