As you know, water is essential. But often, individuals are confused by how much to consume in order to be adequately hydrated. Is the standard ‘8-10 glasses a day’ enough for athletes? And how much is enough for an inactive person?

Well, worry no more! Follow these guidelines to figure out what our body requires to perform optimally:

Average, In Active Individuals:
· 1ml of water is required per kilocalorie ingested, per day
· For instance, 2200 kcal diet = 2200ml/day (9 cups)

Active Individuals or Athletes:
· 2500 to 3000mls (10 –12cups) per day, PLUS,
· 600 to 1200ml (2.5 – 5cups) during exercise per hour, and
· 750 to 1500ml (3 – 6cups) post exercise per hour.
· For instance, if an athlete were to workout for 1 hour on a particular day, over the span of that day they would have consumed 15.5 – 23 cups of water. This equates to 3.67 – 5.44 Liters.

The sun was shining, the water glistened and the sand was warm between my toes – I was in Dominican baby!

Yep, that’s right! For the first time in about 5 or 6 years, I went on vacation to someplace further than 3 hours north of the city.

I had the most amazing time! But of coarse, at a bit of a cost.

You see, as most of you know, when you go to an all inclusive resort, the food and drinks are endless! It’s a dieter’s nightmare.

But because I had prepared myself before I left, I knew that I was bound to gain a couple of unwanted pounds, no matter how hard I tried…and I did. The important thing is to not get discouraged.

This Monday morning, the day after I had returned from Dominican, I weighed myself only to find I had gained 5lbs. Now, the old Kristen would have begun to beat herself up instantly, but the NEW Kristen is much smarter than that:

Let’s say that, worst case scenario, I ate about 1000 calories over maintenance each day (which I knew I wouldn’t do – that is a lot!).  At the end of the 7 day vacation, that is only 2 pounds of fat – because it takes 3,500 calories to make a pound of fat. So, in essence, the 5lbs I gained would only be 2lbs of fat, and 3lbs of water – not so bad!

Now, considering I made fairly decent food choices, and I maintained my workout program while I was there, I would say the worst I did was consume about 500 calories more than maintenance – 1lb of fat! Yippie! I can lose that in no time.

So, you see, the more knowledgeable you are – when it comes to fitness and health – the better! It’s important not to get depressed about a few pounds, what’s important is that you pick yourself back up and charge full speed ahead!

So, was I right about the water weight? Well, you tell me. It’s Wednesday and I’m already down 3lbs…hmmmm????
Imagine if there was a magic potion that could speed up your metabolism, melt stubborn fat, re-energize your body and revitalize your joints and organs. And, what if it could also make you look younger, detoxify your body, reduce your risk of certain cancers and improve your digestion – all for free!?  

Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I think it’s safe to say that everybody would be chugging back liters of it everyday in order to reap its benefits! Right?


This so called ‘magic potion’ is not a figment of my imagination – it’s water! 

Yes, I know. At this point in your life I’m sure you’ve heard the unconvincing suggestion to “drink 6-8 glasses a day”, but has it really changed your habits? Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say “I drink the recommended water intake everyday!” – I know I couldn’t. 

4 months ago, not only was I 22lbs heavier…but I was 7% less hydrated!! Yep, that’s right…7%!!! And to think, I was missing out on so many sweet benefits. 

Now, I’m not writing this to convince you to up your H20 intake, because in the end, it’s your choice. But, I will tell you that since I increased my water intake 4 months ago I’m:

·          Feeling less tired
·          No longer affected by severely dry/itchy skin
·          Going to the washroom more! (Yes, it really does help digestion!)
·          Looking less puffy! (it’s amazing how it can shed water weight). And,
·          Losing weight faster!

Not to mention, I’ve made that whooping 7% jump in hydration!  

So, if you haven’t already, think about chugging back a few extra glasses of aqua today, and if you need some help, here are some tips I’ve compiled on how I ensure my body stays hydrated:

·          Crystal Light! If you haven’t tried it, I certainly suggest it – my favorite flavor is
        Lemon Lime! It makes water taste incredible! Just be sure to include them in your
        calorie tracking, and try not to overdo it
J I like to dilute mine with lots of water.
·          Add fruits or veggies to your water! Cucumber in water is delicious, as are lemons,
        limes, strawberries and oranges etc.

·          Wear a ring to monitor your hydration. This is how I know when I need more; all I do
        is tug on the ring and if it doesn’t slide off easily…I need
dihydrogen monoxide!
·          Buy yourself a fancy shmancy bottle (lululemon is awesome!). Not only is it
        convenient, but it will make drinking your water super cool!

·          Keep a sticky note beside your computer at work and tally up how many cups you’ve
        accomplished so far! (You may not think of it as a goal…but it is!)