As you may have noticed, on the home page I have a list of several goals I am trying to achieve throughout this journey.

Goal #1 is to drop to 150lbs.

Today, I stand at about 152lbs (possibly 151, I have to check) and I feel incredible! For many years, I would dream of being 150lbs - but in my head, I didn't really think I could.

It wasn't until I started believing it and envisioning it, that it began to come to life.

So, what's next? Goal #2 - drop to 18%BF.

According to my scale - which isn't the most accurate way of measuring, but it has been a consistent tool for me - I am currently 29%BF. That means I have about 11% to lose.

I am looking forward to achieving this one because that is when my hard work will really start to show. My muscles will reveal themselves from hiding, and my body will begin to look more athletic - how exciting

So, stay tuned! If you have any questions, just drop me a line.
Sometimes, in order to stay focused I like to do crunches! Nope, I’m not talking about abdominal crunches…I’m talking about number crunches! Here is what I mean:

Today, just for fun, I decided to figure out how many days I’ve been ‘melting’ for. Can you believe that on Saturday May 15th, I will have been training and eating clean for 121 days?  

Let’s put that into perspective, that’s:
·          4 months
·          17.2 weeks
·          2904 hours
·          174,270 minutes

And in that time frame, I have managed to lose 20lbs (hopefully more by Saturday – but I’ll let you know)!

That’s equivalent to:
·          5lbs/month
·          1.2lbs/week
·          0.0068lbs/hour
·          0.00011lbs/minute 

So, in theory, if I keep losing at this rate I will have lost another 20lbs by September 12th!!! Wow, 8 months and a 40 lb loss…that would be incredible! Who knew I would find a use for math! (That I’m actually finding quite fun!) 

Now, let’s say I managed to bump that 1.2lb/week loss to 2lb/week (still a healthy rate to lose). That means, by September 12th, I will have lost 34lbs! Wow. That would make me 131lbs (a 54lb loss in total). J

It’s so fun to look ahead at these kinds of things. It helps keep me focused and it helps me set new goals for myself – like aiming for a 2lb loss per week! If I can do that, it will only take me 10 weeks to drop 20lbs, which means I will weight 145lbs by July 24th. Sweet.

So, why am I doing this? 

Well first of all, it’s kind of like giving yourself a HUGE pat on the back. Seeing how far you’ve come, and comparing it to different timeframes, really does change your outlook on the whole process.  

Second of all – like I said above, it helps me set realistic goals that I know I can achieve. And that’s important when you are on a long journey to health, happiness and, oh yeah – sexy abs! 

Give it a try!