If you've ventured through my website, you're probably familiar with my goals. Not only do I have specific numerical goals, but I also have goals to compete, model and get sponsored. 

To help propel me in the direction of modeling and developing a portfolio, I've scheduled my very first official photo-shoot with Martika Gregory Photography on April 2nd - just over 9 weeks away - and I am super excited about it. 

Martika is a young Toronto based photographer who uses natural lighting to capture models. I'm really excited to start moving in the direction of this goal, so stay tuned for these photos this coming spring!
1/29/2011 09:28:35 pm

Hey! I was surfing youtube, looking up reviews on SizeOn by Gaspari and came across your video. Although I am taking Maximun Performance, your review was relevant and helpful. I'm into my first week, and I already notice gains. I just wanted to say good luck with your training routine and diet. And I hope your photos come out well! :))



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