As you know, water is essential. But often, individuals are confused by how much to consume in order to be adequately hydrated. Is the standard ‘8-10 glasses a day’ enough for athletes? And how much is enough for an inactive person?

Well, worry no more! Follow these guidelines to figure out what our body requires to perform optimally:

Average, In Active Individuals:
· 1ml of water is required per kilocalorie ingested, per day
· For instance, 2200 kcal diet = 2200ml/day (9 cups)

Active Individuals or Athletes:
· 2500 to 3000mls (10 –12cups) per day, PLUS,
· 600 to 1200ml (2.5 – 5cups) during exercise per hour, and
· 750 to 1500ml (3 – 6cups) post exercise per hour.
· For instance, if an athlete were to workout for 1 hour on a particular day, over the span of that day they would have consumed 15.5 – 23 cups of water. This equates to 3.67 – 5.44 Liters.


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