Planning your diet is key when it comes to a successful weight loss, muscle building or healthy maintenance program. But it's also one of the most difficult and overwhelming parts!

But not anymore! I've been building a unique Excel based program which provides you with everything you need to design a personalized meal plan that will help you achieve results - whether your goal is cutting, building or maintaining!

Based on the nutritional guidelines that I follow myself , you will be able to build out a customized meal plan that suits your workout schedule with ease. Simply by entering four numbers, this tool will strategically develop a nutrition profile equip with calories and macro-nutrients divided into 7 meals. And what's even better, is that this tool is designed to complement when you train - Morning or Afternoon. By using this tool, you will ensure that your body gets the right types of food, in the right amounts, during the right times of day. Then, you have full control over what you choose to eat to meet those meal profiles!

The toolbox program will include:
        - A meal distribution calculator
        - A recommended food list equip with nutritional information
        - A meal planning tool, auto-populated with individual meal macro information    
          based on your targeted Calories & Macros
        - A list of tips and tricks from Kristen herself, and,
        - An FAQ document to answer all those burning questions!

Who will benefit from this tool?
Anyone looking to strategically design a meal plan to help them achieve their desired results - be that fat loss, muscle building or maintaining. This tool works best for someone who has a relatively 'inactive' job, attends school full time or is a stay at home parent. If you have a very active day job I do not recommend this tool box for you as it is designed to distribute meals so that you receive most of your energy in the morning and pre/post workout. Someone with a very active day job may find they lack the energy they require throughout the day to perform effectively if they use this tool. 

Stay tuned! It's coming soon!

(This program is being designed with Microsoft Excel 2003)

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