So, who are the Sunroom Ladies? Well, the Sunroom ladies are a group of ladies who share one large room in their office building in Fall Church, VA. But why do they call it the Sunroom? Well, because they have huge panoramic windows giving them lots of light. How awesome is that!These 5 women follow my blog regularly & chat about it amongst themselves. And since they are all working hard to shed some extra pounds, they've been keeping in contact with me via email, sending me questions. So, I figured I'd share a few of their recent questions on here too!

Enjoy - and thanks Sunroom ladies!

1) When you started, how did you invision your body to look once you hit your goal? Are you happy with the results? Do you feel you exceeded what you thought your body would look like when you reached your goal?

This is a great question. When I first started I had hoped for a body like Erin Stern’s or Jamie Eason’s, but I honestly didn’t think it was possible. This is where I first went wrong.

You really can make your body look however you want. Now, granted, you will never look EXACTLY like someone else (and who would want to?), but you can develop similar physics and as I started losing the weight, I began seeing what the natural shape of my body is and I realized…maybe I can look very close to Erin Stern. So now, that is my ultimate goal! I think she is feminine, storng and sexy and her body and the way she holds herself exudes confidence – I love that!

I am very happy with my results so far, but I don’t feel as though I’ve exceeded my new goals yet. But in regards to my old goals of just losing weight… I certainly did exceed them! I never thought (in the beginning) that I would get down to the 130’s, so I was honestly quite impressed with myself! And it made me realize that if I want something bad enough I can do it!

2) We are Americans. How do you measure your liquids in grams? We tried to do a conversion but can't figure it out. I tried your protein pancakes and they were a disaster because I got the ratio down. I actually found a comparable recipe that I make every morning so it wasn't a total wash. But I always see you measure eggs in grams. Is it a scale?

Yes, I use a food scale – best investment in the world! The best thing to do would be to use a conversion chart. If you’re wondering why I use a scale to weigh all my foods, this youtube video explains it well:

Especially when trying to shed fat, its easy to eat way more than you intended, even with the use of measuring spoons, bowls and cups.

3) Who is your current trainer? You mentioned in your pre vacation blog you were going to work with a new one. Do you like them and do they have a website?

My current trainers name is Andrea De Lima. She actually just started taking clients, so she hasn’t established herself yet. I still work with Kim for my nutrition (, but I work with Andrea in person, in my gym, to target certain areas that I need to develop. For instance, my back needs to widen and my shoulders need to cap off in order to compete and be successful. This is because my quads are very dominant, so I need to balance out my physique to enhance that hourglass look the judges are looking for.

I chose Andrea because she is also competing in figure, so she understands what the judges want and how to hit different muscles to help them grow the way I need them too.

4) How long will you bulk for?

I will be bulking until I can’t bulk anymore to be honest! Hahaha. Usually they say bulk until you can’t take it anymore. This way, you don’t run the risk of cutting down and then realizing you didn’t put on the quality muscle that you needed to. My plan is to go until August or September and then re-evaluate. Right now, I am happy with how I am filling out, but as my waist widens (because I’m trying to grow my abs outwward in order to tighten some loose skin I have) it gets harder to love the bulking. Haha! But overall, I still look lean to other people; I just look a bit thicker – which I don’t mind at all.

Michelle + Sunroom
5/27/2011 02:16:38 pm

Thanks for keeping us posted, K! We love to follow your blog, love your recipes, too! Can't wait to see your progress. Best of luck to you!


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