I've got a couple of great things to share with everyone. Since the posting of my transformation of the week on bodybuilding.com some pretty great things have happened. 
  • My transformation and story had been featured on about-muscle.com
  • I completed an interview for muscledog.com, which will be featured in the near future.
  • I will also be featured on Muscle & Strength, I'm in the process of completing the interview now. 
  • Come this April/May I will officially be a contributing writer for bodybuilding.com - I am hoping to submit articles monthly. 
  • I have another photo shoot booked for this Saturday! Stay tuned for some awesome photos. 
  • I purchased a web domain - www.kristenadamson.com - for my professional website and have been working hard at building it. 

I'm feeling really good about where I am at right now. I feel like I am taking the right steps towards achieving my dreams and I am very excited to share all of this with you guys. 

Thank you to all of you for your continued support! Keep in touch!

2/9/2011 01:15:44 pm

Great job on becoming a writer! I enjoy reading your progress because you do it the right way and the smart way. Excited to see the rest of your journey!

3/1/2011 01:20:23 am

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