Aside from clothes fitting better (actually, now they are too loose!) and my self confidence rising, I had no idea that there were so many amazing benefits to losing weight! I mean, people can tell you – “you will feel great, it is so worth it”, but you have no idea how great it feels until you actually start doing it!

Take yesterday for instance, I was sitting in my boring little cubicle – where I am sheltered from any human interaction – when I heard a knock on my ‘door’ (no door, just a cubicle wall L). To my surprise, it was one of the guys on my team. He said to me:

“Kristen, I wanted to let you know that you have become my inspiration. I have decided to start working out and getting healthy.”

I was stunned! Me, an inspiration? And thus I began my thinking…

I realized, right then and there, that weight loss isn’t just about losing pounds and inches. It’s about changing your entire life! And while your body is losing weight, your life is gaining wealth. 

So, with that said, here is a little list I compiled of the 10 unexpected joys of weight loss that I have ‘bumped’ into. 

Yes, some of them may be small things – but DAMN, they have changed my life so far!

  1. I have become an inspiration to others
  2. I have gained vigor – the “I can do anything now!” mentality.
  3. I can step off an elevator quickly without feeling like other passengers notice a shift in the weight
  4. I can make healthy foods taste incredible! (you have to learn how to make it work for you J)
  5. My thighs don’t touch anymore! (Ok, well still a little – but there is light shining through!) 
  6. I can pick any article of clothing in my wardrobe to wear and not feel fat in it!  
  7. I can see my veins! (Ok, maybe not cool for some people – but awesome to me!)
  8. I am much lighter than my boyfriend! (I was truly a self esteem killer when we weighed the same)
  9. I can run for longer than 30mins straight on the treadmill! (5 used to kill me – lol!)
  10. I can look in the mirror and love every part of myself, knowing that I have the control to manipulate my body into whatever I want it to be.  
9/2/2011 02:15:56 am

Yes, it's so wonderful to suddenly be under the spotlight and receive heaps of positive feedback from people around you. The benefits of weight loss are definitely more than just physical. Great post!


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