Yesterday, one of the women I work with took me and one other woman out for lunch - as  a thanks for our hard work on a business project. 

Normally I wouldn’t to go, but since she knows about my goals and aspirations - and she has been very supportive - I said yes. Plus, every now and then it’s a nice change of pace. 

So, with my goals in mind, we decided to go to "Fresh", a gourmet vegetarian restaurant located a few blocks away from our office.

I love this restaurant because it is very unique. They use a variety of vegetarian friendly foods (soy, almonds, hulled hemp seeds, heart of palm etc.) to make their dishes taste almost identical to non-vegetarian cuisine...not to mention, incredible!

So when they picked the restaurant I was more than happy to go, because I knew that finding something I could eat would be very easy.  

After waiting for 30mins for a table (yep, it’s that good!) we finally sat down to order. Of coarse, I already knew what I was having because I had planned ahead and looked at their menu online (to make sure what I was eating would fit my diet).

I ordered the “Deluxe Burger”, which consisted of a “high protein almond, grain, tofu & vegetable burger” (hold the bun) on a bed of mixed greens. But when the meal came out, I realized I hadn’t order dressing!

Oh no! Dressing!?! How was I ever going to eat that plate of sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots etc. - PLAIN!?

But then I stopped for a moment, and I thought to myself…what the hack am I doing? If I am going to do this…I’ve got to learn to love food for its natural flavors!

So, I picked up my fork and knife, and cut into the burger. Then I grabbed a chunk of tomato and some sprouts and shoveled it into my mouth.

I chewed….I thought….I chewed…I thought…

Why haven’t I realized how FRIKKIN’ tasty tomatoes were before?! It was so juicy and so delicious, I was so happy I hadn’t ordered dressing.

What I’ve come to realize is that the more I wean out simple carbs and saturated fats, the more I am beginning to love the flavor of hearty vegetables and grains.  

So in a strange way, I think yesterday’s lunch was a lesson for me.

Before I am quick to add in unnecessary excess salt, sauces and dressings, I need to start trying the food first! Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up liking it. And not only will I have eaten a wonderful mean, but I will have dodged the extra calorie bullet!

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